Saving the Planet shouldn't
cost the Earth

Carbon Neutral Britain

Smartly has been officially certified as a Carbon Neutral Business. We are over the moon to be recognised as an Industry Leader tackling Climate Change by offsetting our Carbon Footprint. Smartly is a green company, driving change in the automotive industry. We believe in leading from the front in reducing our environmental impact and aiming for zero emissions. We manufacturer our cables locally in the UK and we deliberately only partner with UK and Mainland European charger brands. We ensure our products are manufactured under socially responsible working conditions, and we minimise our carbon footprint. We believe it is counterintuitive to promote clean energy and zero emissions, then source our products from distant countries, which require a huge amount of fuel to ship them to the UK.

Carbon Neutral Smartly
Practise What We Preach

We strongly believe in practising what we preach so we have partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain who have independently audited our business to assess our Carbon Footprint – measured in Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO²e). Their expert team helps to reduce our emissions, and then offsets our remaining Carbon Footprint with certified projects in Britain and around the world that reduce the amount of CO²e in the earth’s atmosphere.

Verification Standards

All the carbon offsetting projects are verified to the highest standards via the four largest Carbon Certifications in the world - the Verified Carbon standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission eductions (VER), UK and EU Emissions Trading Standard (EU + UK ETS), and the United Nations Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes.

Carbon Offsetting

In the last two years, Carbon Neutral Britain’s projects have offset over 500,000 Tonnes of CO²e and planted over 3 million Trees, helping to limit climate change, and providing essential forest habitats for endangered wildlife.

Carbon Neutral Britain

Commitment to Sustainability

By calculating and offsetting our Carbon Footprint, Smartly can reverse all of its impact on climate change. Our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain is an integral part of our business model and key to our commitment to sustainability.

Encouraging Others

We encourage other companies to join initiatives to improve their sustainability and lower their environmental impact. Find out more about Carbon Neutral Britain here and begin your journey to becoming Carbon Neutral!

Sustainable Development Goals